Saturday, January 12, 2008

Abruzzo - Campo Imperatore continued

The plains of Campo Imperatore have an altitude from 1500 to more than 2000 meters. Although trees can grow at this altitude, there are almost no trees to obstruct the view. Cattle and sheep are grazing here from spring to autumn.

Large parts of Campo Imperatore is fairly flat and other parts have more dramatic properties where the areas are connected

At one end of the plains closest to L'Aquila there is hotel Campo Imperatore connected with the valley below by a cable car. This hotel is connected through the Campo Imperatore by a good road as seen on this picture

The following is a view over the valley leading up to the hotel

At this point there is a good view of Corno Grande (2912m) in clear weather

Often this area will be covered with clouds and mist.

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